October 2017

Avoid These Top 3 Preventable Deaths

Paula Scott with the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County and the Prevent Needless Deaths campaign appeared on Bay New 9’s In Depth segment to discuss the top three preventable deaths in Tampa Bay: drowning, unsafe sleep practices, and abusive head trauma. 

September 2017

Know the dangers of unsafe infant sleep

In the Tampa Bay area alone, nearly 140 infants died of preventable sleep-related causes over the last five years (2012-2016). Each of these deaths was preventable.

Co-sleeping, which means having babies sleep in the same bed as parents, siblings or caregivers, is often the cause of sleep-related infant death. In fact, more infants die in adult beds than anywhere else, and infants are 40 times more likely to die in an adult bed than in their own crib.

When co-sleeping, a baby may suffocate if an adult unintentionally rolls on top of them or if the baby is positioned against a pillow or under a blanket. Infants can’t roll away or move their heads because they lack the muscle strength to move their head if something is blocking their airway. Pillow-top mattresses, comforters, fluffy pillows, blankets, sleep positioners and stuffed animals are a danger to infants in adult beds, as well as in cribs. Open the PDF to read more.

This published in Tampa Bay News & Lifestyles. 

July 2017

What all parents and caregivers should know about children and abusive head trauma

Shaking an infant or young child – even once – can be fatal. Each year, several children in the Tampa Bay area die from being shaken violently, or suffer another type of abusive head trauma at the hands of a parent or caregiver.        

While most parents think this tragedy would never happen to their families, parents are most often responsible for causing injury or death from shaking a baby. Babysitters, grandparents and other caregivers can also be responsible, especially if they are not properly prepared to handle stressful situations, such as when a baby is crying and cannot be soothed by feeding or a diaper change. Open the PDF to read more.

This published in Florida Sentinel-Bulletin.

May 2017

7 consejos de seguridad para prevenir muertes por ahogamiento este verano

Aprenda y comparta estos consejos para ayudar a mantener a los niños del área de la Bahía de Tampa a salvo del peligro de ahogarse.

El ahogamiento es la principal causa de muerte en niños de 1 a 4 años, en la región de la Bahia de Tampa. En los últimos cinco años, más de 40 niños menores de 6 años han muerto en nuestra área por esta razón. Seis de esas muertes ocurrieron en 2016.

Cualquier niño puede ahogarse en cualquier sitio o en cualquier momento. Esto no sucede solo en piscinas y playas – también hay riesgos potenciales dentro y fuera de su casa que pueden poner a sus hijos en riesgo. Abre PDF para leer más.

Esto publicado en CENTRO.